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30 Easy Ways To Cut Calories

Posted by Colin Phelan on

30 Easy Ways To Cut Calories
Start the New Year with a small-change/compound-effect perspective.
This article presents an evidence-based small steps approach to start off the New Year with realistic and long-lasting healthy eating habits.

Control over temptations

1. Control triggers, For some people, certain foods trigger overeating. Be aware of these foods and find ways to avoid them by substituting satisfying, healthy foods.

2. Plan for parties, Eat protein rich food before attending social events or dinner parties where there will be rich high-calorie foods.

3. Find a balance with favorite foods. It's common to overindulge.

Simple substitutes

4. Switch from white bread to a whole wheat bread.

5. Switch from cheese to yogurt.

6. Switch from sweet sugar-laden foods to sweets fruits

7. Switch from full-fat dairy to low full-fat dairy

Wise Choices

8. Choose olive oil based dressing instead of creamy types.

9. Choose grilled or roasted options instead of fried.

10. Choose fruits with yogurt as dessert instead of ice creams or pastries.

11. Choose mustard over mayonnaise on sandwiches.

Surviving all-you-can-eat buffet

12.  Choose only the foods you really enjoy. Don't try everything.

13.  Fill up on veggies, fruits, and salads.

14. Skip foods with a lot of sauce.

15. Eat slowly, savoring each bite as you(hopefully) engage in conversation with a friend or companion.

Clever calorie-cutting ideas for home dining

16. Rad nutrition Label for added sugars in packaged foods. (For VIEW HERE)

17. Buy unsweetened oatmeal, cereal, cornflakes, and yogurt.

18. Follow "rule of one", Have only one serving of each group. The exception to this is veggies and fruits.

19. Do not finish your plate if you are full or you don't like the food.

Smart Swaps

20. Make special requests when you eat out. for instance, request them to use less oil, butter, cheese, and cream while preparing your food.

21. Spice your tea or coffee with cinnamon, which helps stabilize blood sugar and is a good source of Vitamin K and iron.

22. Choose the miniature version of desserts

23. Use spices instead of creamy sauce to enhance the taste.

Tips for eating fast food

24. Pay attention to personal hunger meter. Stop eating when you feel comfortable, not full.

25. Add Pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato, and mustard to enhance flavor instead of cheese or mayonnaise.

26. Keep portion size small, If the fast-food restaurant offers several sandwich sizes, pick the smallest.

Winning way to live

27. Do not keep sugary drinks in the house.

28. Choose a low-calorie meal starter such as salads or soup to help prevent overeating later in the meal.

29. Beware of the bread basket. The bread-and-butter habit can add hundreds of calories to your meal.

30. Be mindful of your alcohol consumption. Be aware of the calories you are consuming.

Final Reminder: If you truly want to lose weight and prevent regain, find out sustainable ways to cut back n calories. In addition, keep progressing your cardiovascular and resistance training workouts.

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