How do i start using this product?  
If you are new to beet root or nitric oxide supplements, we recommend starting with a one scoop. As your body adjusts to the elevated nitric oxide levels you can increase the dosage.  NutriBeet mixes well with both hot and cold fluids, however we've found that most customers prefer to mix with cold water.
Why is the scoop different?
NutriBeet comes with a premium funnel scoop that allows the user to easily pour the powder into a water bottle. Per the directions, one full scoop is to the top of the scoop portion with the cap opened . The cap or "funnel" portion does not also need to be filled with powder.  Some users who do not use the funnel, will simply break or cut it off.
How many servings per container?
One full serving of Nutribeet is 2 scoops, so if using prior to athletic activity, one container will yield 30 servings.  If you using ones daily for general health, the container will yield 60 servings. 
Is there caffeine in this?
NutriBeet does not contain caffeine or any other stimulants. NutriBeet's concentrated beet root juice and vitamin B12 are both great sources for natural clean energy. 
Are There Any Side Effects to Drinking Beet Juice?

Frequent consumption of beet juice may give your urine and bowel movements a red color due to the dark carotenes present in beets. This color change is completely safe and normal. Since beets are high in oxalates, people with a history of oxalate kidney stones may want to avoid beet juice.

Aren’t Nitrates Unhealthy Preservatives Processed Meats?

Processed nitrates and naturally occurring nitrates are very different. Beets, spinach and other vegetables all contain naturally occurring nitrates, which contribute to your body's nitrate conversion during digestion. These naturally occurring nitrates and are completely safe and when digested, you get the additional benefit of healthy antioxidants & enzymes that beets are also very rich in.